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A Gameloch for every need

Committed to people and nature, Gameloch works to create useful solutions, promote inclusion and preserve biodiversity, we adhere to the green economy and digitize up to 95% of our processes, maintaining physically only what is necessary.

Our free solutions
Discover Lochi Private, your passport to access Gameloch from anywhere in the world, without login, without fixed costs.
Quick access

Access the Lochi Private product catalog, choose one of the available services and start using it. This is as easy as using self-service.

Security & Privacy

Use your favorite Gameloch services with maximum security and privacy, after your session expires, Gameloch destroys the stored data.

Protected links

With Lochi Private your history is protected from external access, only you in your browser can view the accessed links.


Create dynamic links that automatically expire and share your work securely. People can access your links from anywhere without having to log in.

Interactive journalism
Gameloch was born from a journalist, we deliver the news and we don't mix it with opinion.

Get to know Gameloch's content portals, we deal with sports, art, culture & leisure, science & technology, celebrities, cars and everyday news, except politics, we are the refuge for thousands of people looking for an integral and exempt journalism.

Music streaming
For music lovers, Gameloch has also developed a solution.

Discover Gameloch FM, Gameloch Publisher Global's streaming music & podcasts service, where you can listen to a mix of national hits to relax during the day, no need to download an app and best of all, in free and prepaid versions , you don't need to register your credit card, thought about streaming music? Gameloch has it!

Streaming videos
To watch or to produce, the Gameloch Channel serves the entire world.

Meet the Gameloch Channel, Gameloch Publisher Global's streaming service, where you can watch video, movies and series, in addition to producing and publishing your own, it is also possible to create a monthly subscription, so your viewers can contribute with your channel.

Web hosting
Gameloch offers customized plans, so you can take your idea off the paper and put your website on the internet without going through any hassles.

The hosting plans offered by Gameloch are divided into 4 categories: Mylochi, Shared Hosting, VPS and Cloud, prices vary according to category and resource needs, with the exception of the Mylochi plan, which already uses the best and fastest servers available , unlike the others, it is based on the use and not the amount of resources.

From USD 4.00 per month

Your website on powerful servers

In the Mylochi plan, you use high-performance servers and only pay for what you use. For new customers, a minimum fee of USD 4.00 per month is required, but it may be reduced or even reset throughout the contract depending on your use case.

From USD 4.90 per month

Share the cost with other users

In the shared hosting plan, you rent a share of the server and share it with other users. The servers are divided between several users in separate instances, which means you have maximum security and privacy.

From USD 8.90 per month

Reserve a server just for you

In the VPS plan, you reserve one or more servers for an annual period, the server will be used only by you and it will be possible to control it remotely, which allows the installation of any operating system, giving you maximum autonomy.

From USD 10.00 per month

Modernity and cost-effectiveness

In the Cloud plan, you benefit from the high performance of the cloud storage service. One of the characteristics of this service is that the cloud is a set of several servers, which makes it much more advantageous than hiring a single server.

Gameloch offers flexible storage plans for you to make inserts, queries, updates and deletes in the database.

The storage plans offered by Gameloch are based on Gameloch Database technology.

From USD 5.00 per month

Continuous transactions

Perfect for continuous or realtime transactions, of moderate amount. Can be accessed directly from javascript

From USD 2.90 per month

Occasional transactions

Perfect for occasional, less frequent transactions. Needs to be accessed through a web server

From USD 20.00 per month

Temporary storage transactions

Perfect for ongoing, temporary storage transactions. Can be accessed directly from javascript

From USD 32.00 per month

Frequent transactions

Perfect for big data and frequent transactions. Can be accessed directly from javascript

Digital safe
Gameloch offers personal and corporate plans for you to store and share what is important.

On Lochimy, Gameloch's cloud platform, you can store your personal files, website script or offer downloads for your users, Lochimy has a native API that offers 3 options: File preview, when the browser supports it, download file and metadata in json format with unclassified information about the file, such as name, size, format, and update date.

From USD 0.00 per month

Basic use

In the free plan you have 250MB to store documents, media files and software code.

From USD 5.25 per month

Basic use

In the lowly plan you have 750MB to store documents, media files and software code.

From USD 10.50 per month

Average use

In the container plan you have 1.5GB to store documents, media files and software code.

From USD 35.00 per month

Average use

In the keeper plan you have 5GB to store documents, media files and software code.

Smart website creator
Gameloch offers low-cost plans for you to start your business on the internet, without obstacles or dependence on developers.

Mylochi is Gameloch's shared hosting platform, on it you have a native framework and a ready-made environment, all you need to do is choose a theme and create your website pages, register your store's products or create the articles from your blog, you can use your own domain or you can use the url that Mylochi Platform generates for your website for free.

From USD 0.00 per month

Basic use

Perfect for sites with up to 250 monthly visitors.

From USD 5.00 per month

Basic use

Perfect for sites with up to 1k monthly visitors.

From USD 25.00 per month

Average use

From USD 500.00 per month

Advanced usage

Perfect for sites with Up to 100k monthly visitors.

Telecommunication services
Gameloch offers personal and corporate plans for communication and automation services.

For those looking for local, national or international communication services, Gameloch, offers Gameloch Speaks, a complete platform to chat live and in color, by a traditional video call, a connection between computers, phones and cell phones or by chat, they are also Offered, the Artificial Intelligence functionalities that allow the sending of verification codes, carrying out surveys and job interviews, PABX and electronic secretary.

USD 0.02/minute per user

Up to 250 people

USD 0.02/minute per user

Up to 250 people

Voice conference up to 250 people simultaneously.

USD 0.02/minute per user

Up to 2 people

From USD 0.11 per MB

Mobile broadband

Get internet access in up to 170 countries from USD 0.11 per MB.

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